Collection: Z-Wave 700 series & Gen7 products

Though it's no longer the latest version of Z-Wave, products which use Gen7 / Z-Wave 700 series technology offer fantastic quality and improvements over older, 300 and 500 series / Gen5 products.

Built on Z-Wave Plus
The best connected devices depend on the best IoT platform. Z-Wave 700 and Gen7 are built on top of Z-Wave Plus V1, offering 4x memory power to its nearly 3x reduction in power consumption vs 500 series Z-Wave.

Enhanced wireless performance
Gen7 / 700 series devices offer Long Range Z-Wave when used with a compatible gateway or Z stick. That means a wireless range of up to 1 mile with 700 series, though that's been beat with 800 series and it's 1.5 mile range.

Triple-layered security
Gen7 / 700 series devices offer 3 layers of security including unique network IDs, AES 128 bit encryption, and combined with Aeotec’s implementation of always-on Z-Wave S2 security.

500% better battery performance
Z-Wave devices have always offered best-in-class battery performance. With Gen7 / 700 series, performance gets better. Simple devices can last up to 10 years before their battery needs changing, while high-powered multi-sensors now offer 100% better performance lasting up to 4 years instead of 2.

Learn more
Gen7 and 700 series Z-Wave technology has been superseded by 800 series Z-Wave - it's undoubtedly the best version of Z-Wave ever. You can learn more about 800 series Z-Wave Plus including finding available products, compare it to 700 series Z-Wave to fully understand its advantages, or compare 700 series to 500 series Z-Wave