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Home Automation

Z-Wave Controls Your Entire House

Home automation isn't a new idea; in fact, there are many systems on the market that will let you control and even automate your household electronics regardless of where you are. Unfortunately, these conventional control systems are costly and complicated, and beyond what most people need, or even want in their homes. You can install a Z-Wave system and build the network with additional devices as you go to expand from a device, to a room, to your entire home.

Controlling your home remotely - from anywhere in the world -  with Z-Wave is a new idea. It can offer all of the same benefits as a powerful, custom control system, but it can also offer any of them individually. Due to its modular design and extensive interoperability, you can use Z-Wave to control any specific task around your house without having to invest in an elaborate, confusing home control system. With Z-Wave, you can easily and inexpensively create customized control solutions for any room or situation, and add new ones to your home over time.

A Modular Approach To Home Automotion

Z-Wave lets you build your control system as your needs grow. Maybe your first step into home automation is to add Z-Wave remote control to your lights. You can easily program them to shut off when you're at work, and turn back on to welcome you when you return home, making sur eyou don't arrive home in the dark while also saving energy and money. You could then introduce more functions to this basic setup by adding Z-Wave to your garage door, your home entry, and your home security system. When you arrive fhome rom work, simply push a button and all your Z-Wave devices will work in concert -- the garage door will open, your entryways will light up, your security system will recognize you and disarm itself, and your front door will unlock. How's that for remote control?

Once you're inside, your home can welcome you with just the mood you want. Z-Wave can have your favorite music playing for you on arrival and the thermostat set to your preferred temperature. While you were away, Z-Wave made sure the lawn sprinkler watered your lawn on schedule. If it had rained, you could have bypassed the sprinkler from work remotely via internet, smart phone, or tablet. When you're ready to call it a night, the push of a single button could turn off your house lights, activate your security system, turn down the thermostat, lock the doors, turn on the bedroom humidifier, and set up the coffee pot to greet you with a fresh cup when you awake all while you're already in bed.

All with one button. All added easily and inexpensively to your home. All with no new wiring. And all according to your budget and timetables, to meet your needs and your lifestyle. Z-Wave gives you simple, affordable, personalized control solutions. Isn't that what home control was supposed to be about?

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