Collection: Z-Wave Plus Smart Thermostats

Intelligently automate your heating and cooling

Far beyond the capabilities of typical smart thermostats, those with Z-Wave inside allow you to sync and integrate them with 100s of other smart home devices for the creation of truly smart heating and cooling automations for your home. Whether part of a simple system or an advanced one, and whether operating during the hot months or the cold ones, a Z-Wave smart thermostat enables energy savings and operation cost reductions, allows for truly personalized temperature control which responds to the presence of people and use of a home, and allows you to manage your HVAC systems whether you’re at home or remotely managing it remotely.

Suitable for homes, vacation homes, and managed properties, Z-Wave smart thermostats can be setup to control all manner of systems including IR based split systems, convectors, fan coils, baseboards, and conventional electrical and gas systems.