Inovelli Auxiliary Switch - White Series

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Beyond 3-Way

The Inovelli Blue and Red Series Switches are amongst the most innovative and feature rich Zigbee and Z-Wave Switches we've seen.  So why not take them next level in your 3-way setups by adding the ability to control your lights (and more) from two switched locations.  Of course, you can connect your Blue or Red Series smart switch to an existing standard 3-way switch that you already have in your home, or one that you picked up from your local home improvement store.  But if you really want the maximum in convenience and luxury, replace that standard 3-way switch with the White Series Auxiliary Switch and you'll get all the functionality of the Blue or Red Series Switch from the second switch location (just no LED).

Dim from the aux switch?  Check.  Run scenes from the aux switch? Check. Turn on and off? Obviously.