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Blue Series 2-1 Smart Switch and Dimmer; Zigbee 3 (VZM31)

Inovelli Blue Series 2-1 Smart Switch and Dimmer; Zigbee 3 (VZM31)

Smart Switch & Dimmer - 2 in 1

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The highest quality and most advanced Zigbee smart wall switch available, Inovelli's Blue Series Smart 2-in-1 Switch can be set up as a on/off switch or dimmer switch.  Compatible with Zigbee hubs such as SmartThings, Home Assistant, and Amazon Echo, and able to directly control Zigbee bulbs including Philips Hue, it's one switch with a huge array of capabilities and features that go far beyond being a switch and a dimmer.

2 in 1?  More like 100 in 1

uL certified, this Zigbee smart switch functions either as a dimmer or a on / off toggle switch. That's part of Inovelli Blue Series' multiple choice installation:

  • Install with Neutral: The most common installation in homes, simply install the switch as you would a basic light switch with the addition of a neutral wire.
  • Install without Neutral: No neutral wire in your home? That's common for older homes. But even holder homes can get an upgrade with Inovelli's Blue Series - you can install it without a neutral wire. There are some limitations, however, so check out the details under 'Installation' below.
  • 3 way, more way: Install Blue Series with an auxiliary switch, and you can use it to intelligently control and automation lighting controlled by more than 1 switch. You'll then have automation, switching, and dimming available at all switches.
  • Basic switches can stay: If you prefer to keep existing, basic switches, in a 3-way or multi-way setup, that's also possible.
  • We're fine with more: You can install 2 or more Blue Series switches in a 3-way or multi-way setup. 

Of course, Inovelli Blue Series' features are so advanced that they don't end with its installation.

  • Beyond capable LED: Fully customise the switch's LED bar using automations. Maybe they'll glow red during an emergency or if you've left the garage door open? Maybe they'll show a sport team's colors? Or maybe they'll just be a soft white glow.
  • Smart bulb mode: Blue Series has a special mode for when it's directly controlling Zigbee bulbs. Unlike other switches, Blue Series can let power always pass through to bulbs letting you use the switch as a remote control and not preventing you from using other remotes, apps or automations to control them.
  • Zigbee control: and because it uses Zigbee 3.0, Blue Series can directly connect to and control Zigbee bulbs including Philips Hues. No hub or gateway required.


  • Zigbee 3.0
  • Light dimmer
  • On/off light switch
  • Neutral: Neutral Connection NOT required for single pole applications or when used with the AUX-01 auxiliary switch.
  • Power:  120V AC, 60Hz
  • Signal (Frequency):  2.4GHz
  • Operating Temperature Range:  32-95° F (0-35° C)
  • Maximum Load (Watts):  600W Incandescent, 300W LED, 150W CFL
  • Range:  Up to 100 meters line of sight between the Wireless Controller (HUB) and the closest Zigbee Module
  • Dimensions:  Depth = 1.2" (3.0cm), Height = 2.8" (7.1cm), Width = 1.6" (4.1cm)
  • UL Certified:  E528330
  • FCC Certified: 2AQ7V-VZM31SN
  • IC Certified: 24756-VZM31SN 

Installation & Manuals

Non-neutral limitations
While VZM31 can be installed without a neutral wire, do note that it presents some limitations.

  • You will not be able to use it in a multi-way setup with existing basic / "dumb" switches
  • You will not be able to install more than one VZM31 in a multi-way setup

Note that if utilising basic / "dumb" switches in a multi-way setup, illuminated basic switches will typically not work.

Ships With

  • Smart Switch
  • Neutral Wire Jumper
  • Instructions


Inovelli has tested the following hubs for compatibility. If your Zigbee hub is not listed, please note that the functionality may be limited!

  • SmartThings
  • Home Assistant - ZHA
  • Home Assistant - Zigbee2MQTT
  • Hubitat
  • Amazon Echo. Requires Echo with built-in Zigbee

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