Vera Ezlo Secure Advanced Smart Home Security Controller Hub

Out of stock. But if you're looking to build your own gateway with a Z-Stick / Z-Wave USB stick, ZWaveProducts has an alternative, better product to suggest.

In place of Vera Ezlo Secure Advanced Smart Home Security Controller Hub, we recommend you look at Atrim Stick. Its advantages include:

  • Power your smart home with the latest version of Z-Wave. Atrim Stick uses 800 series, Z-Wave Plus V2 it has a wireless range is as great as 1.5 miles thanks to its use of Z-Wave Long Range technology. In standard Z-Wave mode, it can directly control wireless devices that are up to 492 feet away.
  • Simple Z-Wave setup: install Home Assistant to a Raspberry Pi, macOS, or Windows Machine. Plug in Atrim Stick via USB.
  • Compatible with free, open-source software such as Home Assistant.
  • Compatible with over 4,000 Z-Wave products.

Learn more: visit our Atrim Stick listing.

Vera Ezlo Secure Advanced Smart Home Security Controller Hub description

Meet the NEW Ezlo Secure, The hub that always keeps you in control!

2x faster and 4x more powerful than the Samsung SmartThings v3 hub, the Ezlo secure is a sleekly designed, always-on, feature-rich device that simplifies smart home control.

With 4G LTE connectivity* and a built-in backup battery, the Ezlo Secure lives up to its name by keeping your smart home online and protected even in the event of an internet or power outage. And the rest of the time, it’ll keep you updated on what’s happening at home through personalized notifications. 

Offers control for Z-Wave, Zigbee, and RF 345/433 MHz devices, while also enabling control of over 27,000 Wi-Fi devices paired to your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

The Ezlo Secure features local control for ultra-fast responsiveness and increased privacy, Z-Wave’s 700 series technology with Smart Start for simple system set-up, and developers can also take advantage of open APIs to customize their experiences even further.

*4G connectivity with Ezlo Protect service only.