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Home Center Lite Z-Wave Smart Home Controller - FIBFGHCL

Fibaro Home Center Lite Z-Wave Smart Home Controller - FIBFGHCL

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Home Center Lite is the incredibly compact brain of the FIBARO system. Designed with your needs in mind, HCL integrates with a vast number of multimedia systems in your home. Conveniently compact, HCL allows managing your intelligent home via a user-friendly interface and wireless communication.


The Home Center Lite is a smart hub that connects all of your Z-Wave and other 3rd party devices (with 3rd party plug-ins). This small sized gateway communicates and manages up to 230 devices wirelessly using Z-Wave.


The Home Center Lite has an easy to use interface allowing you to customize your home automation. With “Magic Scenes”, you can create “If.. Then” scenarios. For example, if the motion sensor detects movement then the lights will turn on. Home Center Lite also has the capabilities to create “Block Scenes”, allowing you to create more customized automations. For example, your outdoor lights will turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise.


Home Center Lite’s interface has a built-in power management functionality. By using the FIBARO system, you can monitor current energy consumption, as well as the energy consumption history, which enables you to keep track of the devices consuming the most power. Clear, easy to read charts show detailed statistics that help you compare usage numbers and estimate future utility bill charges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Friendly interface with easy configuration
  • Remote access via web page, tablet, or smartphone
  • Geo-location feature enabling you to create scene trigger based on your location. For example, automatically turn on your thermostat once you leave work.
  • Locally hosted software ensures low latency, privacy, and continued functionality even if the Internet connection fails
  • Create simple “If... Then...” scenarios using the Magic Scene drag and drop interface
  • Create customized automations using Block Scenes

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