Wedding Season Gift Guide

Wedding Season Gift Guide

They’re dropping like flies. All your friends are doing it, taking the plunge into the institution of marriage! It’s time to dust off that suit or dress that you will wear multiple times over the next few months to wedding after wedding.

Of course, that also means you’ll need to do some serious gift-giving. But what do you get for someone whose registry has already been purchased? Or someone special for whom a “traditional” registry gift just won’t do? After all, how many dish sets and towels does someone really need?

Enter the gift of the smart home. Instead of presenting the newlyweds with a questionably tasteful punch bowl, give them the gift of convenience, security and energy savings. You can help them get started down the smart-home path without breaking the bank, while laying the foundation of a system that can grow as their needs change.

Start with a smart home hub, also known as a controller. There are many popular Z-Wave-based units available at a variety of price points and with varying feature sets. To decide what is best for the couple, think of their lifestyle and how you envision them using it. Will they want to remotely control their door locks? Keep an eye on their pet? Turn the heat or A/C up and down before they get home? Examining these uses will help you find the ideal hub for the happy couple.

Once you’ve selected a hub, consider the multitude of devices that can be attached to it. Popular devices include smart lighting, dimmers, door locks, garage door controllers, motion sensors, water leak sensors, and cameras. And much, much more.

Their new smart-home technology can be put to use almost immediately. Consider the honeymoon. During this blissful time, newlyweds surely have better things to think about than what’s going on in their home. They’ll likely be out of the country (or at least out of state) for a week or two. Whatever the period of time turns out to be, the couple can relax, knowing that their home is being watched over by hard-working smart devices that never take time off. And should husband or wife feel the need to check on the status of their living quarters, relevant information can be accessed from the hub via smartphone - from anywhere in the world.

By introducing newlyweds to the benefits and peace of mind of smart-home technology, you’ll be giving them gifts that will enhance their lives for years to come. And they’ll use it way more than the set of ceramic lawn gnomes they got from Uncle Fred.

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