Aeotec TriSensor 8 vs TriSensor: comparison of Z-Wave multisensors

Conquering the Multisensor Maze: Top Z-Wave Choices for Your Smart Home

Choosing the right Z-Wave multisensor for your smart home can feel like navigating a complex algorithm. Fear not, tech explorers! We're here to crack the code with a quick comparison of three high-quality, budget-friendly options:

The Multisensor Contenders:

  • Atrim OmniSensor: Boasting the latest Z-Wave tech and a superior wireless range, this sensor might just be your automation soulmate.
  • Aeotec TriSensor 8: Packing 800 series power and versatile features, it's a strong contender for all your sensing needs.
  • Aeotec TriSensor: A reliable veteran (and by veteran, we have to note that TriSensor was first released when Aeotec was known as Aeon Labs!) with a well-rounded arsenal of sensors, offering a familiar face in the Z-Wave world.

Let's break these down into their various features and specifications important to smart home automation.

Z-Wave Connectivity.

  • Atrim OmniSensor: Reigns supreme with its stack of Gen8, Z-Wave Plus v2, Z-Wave 800 series, and Z-Wave Long Range, promising rock-solid, long distance connexions across your home.
  • Aeotec TriSensor 8: Matches OmniSensor in the 800 series game but lacks Z-Wav Long Range, much to its detriment. This is likely because Samsung SmartThings, Aeotec's hub of choice, fails to offer 800 series or Long Range functionality. 
  • Aeotec TriSensor: Falls back to the 500 series version of Z-Wave. That's still respectable but means it is now running technology that is over 10 years old.

Atrim OmniSensor is the clear winner here.

Motion Detection.

Two multisensors are equal in one promise: the distance they can detect motion over - 10 metres / 32 foot. But when it comes to an equally important figure, each sensor's field of view, only one stands out.

  • Atrim OmniSensor: Takes the spotlight with both a 120° field of view and 10 metre / 32 foot detection range, keeping an eye on wider spaces.
  • Aeotec TriSensor 8: Holds its own with a 10 metre / 32 foot detection range but really falls short with its narrow 100° field of view detection zone.
  • Aeotec TriSensor: Aeotec claims TriSensor to have a 120° field of view, which makes you wonder why TriSensor 8 is such a downgrade? Still, its detection distance is falls far short at 7 meters / 22 feet.

Atrim OmniSensor is the clear winner here and TriSensor has to be noted as the clear loser in this field.

Temperature & Light Sensing.

  • All-Star Team: All four sensors cover a wide range (-10°C to 50°C) and light levels (0 to 30,000 LUX), adapting to any environment.

It's a tie for all sensors. It's likely that they're all using temperature and light sensor technology from the same supplier.

Humidity Sensing.

All 3 multisensors lack a humidity sensor.

Tamper Sensing.

Only Atrim OmniSensor offers a tamper / vibration sensor. Aeotec cut corners here.

Battery & Power.

  • Atrim OmniSensor: Runs on a single CR123A battery, lasting an impressive 2 years.
  • Aeotec TriSensor 8: Equal to Atrim OmniSensor.
  • Aeotec TriSensor Runs on a single CR123A battery, but only promises a lifespan of 16 months.

SmartThings Compatibility.

  • High Five! All sensors work seamlessly with SmartThings, making them ideal for popular smart home setups.

Why Atrim OmniSensor Takes the Crown (for Most).

  • Z-Wave 800 Series with Long Range: Future-proof connectivity to keep your setup singing.
  • Superior Detection Field of View: No corner goes unseen with its 120° coverage.
  • Rock-Solid Build: Renowned for its durability, ready to weather the automation storm.
  • Cost-Effective Champion: Packed with features any typically cheaper than anything from the current of multisensor best-sellers from Aeotec.

Multisensor vs. Multisensor: the raw specifications. 

Atrim OmniSensor TriSensor 8 TriSensor
Z-Wave version 800 series
with Long Range
800 series 500 series
Motion detection range 10 metres
32 foot
10 metres
32 foot
7 metres
22 foot
Motion detection perimeter 120° 100° 120°
Temperature sensor range -10°C to 50°C
14°F to 122°F
-10°C to 50°C
14°F to 122°F
-10°C to 50°C
14°F to 122°F
Light sensor 0 to 30,000 LUX 0 to 30,000 LUX 0 to 30,000 LUX
Tamper sensor Built in N/A N/A
Batteries required 1x CR123A 1x CR123A 1x CR123A
Battery lifetime ~2 years ~2 years ~1.5 years
Z-Wave Plus range Up to 150 metres
492 feet
Up to 150 metres
492 feet
Up to 150 metres
492 feet
Works with SmartThings Yes Yes Yes
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