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Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5; 40 amps (ZW078-A)

Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5; 40 amps (ZW078-A)

Save energy and money

Aeotec's Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch will begin to pay for itself almost immediately by showing savings on your energy bills. With both its scheduling and energy monitoring features, you'll be able to monitor and receive real-time reports on energy consumption and usage.

Heavy Duty Smart Switch Gen5 enables you to schedule and automate appliances which draw up to 40 amps of power, allowing you to control and reduce the energy consumption of connected appliances.

  • Control your heavy duty appliances, turning them on or off remotely or via a schedule
  • Monitor how much a high-power appliance is costing with real-time energy monitoring and reporting
  • Works with appliances that require as much as 40 amps

Moreover, you can control this this smart energy switch intelligently, automating it through routines such as time of day, house occupancy, weather, season or any other data with your Z-Wave gateway provides or has access to.


Product Dimensions:150 x 119 x 41 mm

Screw Size:PM3.0x12mm



Power Consumption: 1W

Power Ratings:

2 phase (Split phase - US)
240VAC, 50/60Hz


  • 9600 Watts 40A Resistive
  • 2400 Watts 10A Capacitive
  • 3840 Watts 16A Inductive

240VAC 5HP AC Motor

1 phase only (Split phase - US)

120VAC, 50/60Hz;          


  • 4800 Watts 40A Resistive
  • 1200 Watts 10A Capacitive
  • 1920 Watts 16A Inductive

120VAC 5HP AC Motor

Recommended Wire Size:
If load current is 0 - 23A, wire size should be 10 AWG.
If load current is 23 - 40A, wire size should be 8 AWG.

Minimum energy sensor reading:2W

Energy reading percentage of error:
Less than 300W: +-3W
Great or equal to 300W: +-1%

Wireless range:  500ft/150m outdoor

Endurance of 10ms period peak current of 1440A

Waterproof Rating: IP44

Environmental Conditions:  Indoor and outdoor use

Altitude up to  2000m

Operational temperature: 5°C to 40°C

Max. relative humidity: 80%


A list of which gateways Aeotec products are compatible with is available at that link.

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