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Use the Leak Sensor with your Z-Wave Hub to potentially save thousands of dollars in water damage. Get an alert or turn off your water main when an appliance malfunctions, the toilet leaks, or the sump pump starts to overflow. It also has multiple mounting options and a remote sensor probe, so the Leak Sensor can monitor any water-related appliance or fixture. 

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The Dome Home Automation DMWS1 Leak Sensor is purpose built to withstand a wet environment it may find itself in. It is suitable for areas where leaks are likely to occur: sinks, toilets, washing machines and water heaters. The Leak Sensor’s flat design allows it to be easily slid under common household appliances with low clearance from the floor. Additional flexibility is provided with a Remote Sensor extending 4 feet for placing it in hard to reach areas and sump pump pits. Once the leak is detected, the Leak Sensor will alert you by beeping locally and it will send an instant notification to your smart home system. With a Z-Wave Certified Hub, this sensor can be set up to trigger sirens, lights and custom automation scenes or even turn off the water when used with Dome Water Main Shut Off (DMWV1). Extra-long Z-Wave wireless range (up to 150 feet) allows you to place it where it’s needed without worrying if the signal is reaching your Z-Wave Hub. There is a 3-year battery life, so you can always be confident that your sensor has power. Dome DMWS1 Leak Sensor comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Measurements in inches: 2.625 by 2.625 by 1.125. Dome Home Automation Z-Wave devices give your family peace of mind and security you can count on. With Dome, you’re always connected and always covered. **Officially Integrated with Wink.


  • Sends wireless signal alerts to you controller whenever water is detected
  • Equipped with siren alarm to notify anyone at home of a possible leak
  • Water-resistant
  • 2 flexible mounting options - with or without external probe
  • Use with Shut-off Valve for automated flood prevention system
  • Extra long range and signal speed with new Z-Wave Plus technology
  • Long battery life (up to 3 years)
  • Make the product work for you with a handful of advanced options*
  • 1-year warranty

Power supply Single CR2 3.0V battery
Working current 35mA
Power Consumption 0.13W
Operating temperature 32 - 104 °F (0 - 40 °C)
Warranty One Year Parts & Labor
Sensor Dimensions Ø2.63” x 1”