Aeotec illumino Z-Wave Light Switch ZWA038

by Aeotec

illumino Switch provides the power to manually control, and intelligently automate and schedule your lighting.

It makes a switch a smart switch. It enhances individual lights or associated electronics with everything from automatic timers to responsive automation. illumino Switch does this through its use of Aeotec's Gen7 technology and compatibility with Z-Wave gateways, including Aeotec Smart Home Hub and SmartThings.

llumino Switch replaces existing switches with automation, scheduling, and local control

  • Multi-functional light switch: control light switch with compatible bulbs, turn fans on/off, control sump pumps, control other devices through automation as a secondary scene controller.
  • 3 Way-relay, switch up to 5 separate Z-wave switch
  •  Aeotec maintains a list of compatible gateway software at that link - select illumino Switch from the list of all products to be taken to the relevant list. Returns of illumino Switch to are not possible for issues of system or software compatibility.


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