Z-Wave gateways and sticks compared

Z-Wave gateways and sticks compared

  Samsung SmartThings
Smart Home Hub
aeotec z-pi 7
Z-Pi 7
zstick gen5
Z-Stick Gen5+


Apps Android, iOS Browser, Android, iOS1 Browser, Android, iOS1
In-built software Yes No No
Third-party software required No Yes Yes
Open-source software compatible No Yes Yes


Engineered for DIY; complete solution DIY; build-own solution DIY; build-own solution
Popular device compatibility Yes
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Yes1 Yes1
Private presence detection No
Notifications (Push) Yes Yes1 Yes1
Notifications (Mail) No Yes1 Yes1
Local backup & restore No Yes1 Yes1
OTA updates
700 series Z-Wave
No Yes1 Yes1,2
OTA updates
500 series Z-Wave
No Yes1 Yes1
Remote Access Yes Yes1 Yes1
Automations: Manual trigger Yes Yes1 Yes1
Automations: Schedule trigger Yes Yes1 Yes1
Automations: Device trigger Yes Yes1 Yes1
Geofencing Yes No No
Camera support Yes No No
Voice controller support Yes
Alexa, Google Home
Yes1 Yes1
Local processing Limited Yes Yes
Cloud processing Yes No No

Z-Wave configurations

Parameter settings Limited devices Yes1 Yes1
Association mode Limited devices Yes1 Yes1
Command class configuration Yes Yes1 Yes1

Wireless protocols

Z-Wave Plus Yes Yes Yes
700 series Z-Wave No Yes Yes2
S2 security Yes Yes1 Yes1
SmartStart Yes Yes1 Yes1
Z-Wave long range No Yes3 No
Matter Yes No No
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n No No No
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Yes No No
ZigBee 3.0 Yes No No
ZigBee HA 1.2 Yes No No


Type All-in-one hub GPIO adapter USB adapter
Processor 528MHz ARM Cortex-A7 ARM Cortex M4 optimized TI 8051
Flash Memory 4GB 256 kB 128 kB
RAM Memory 256MB DDR 32 kB 16 kb
Ports 1 USB 2.0
1 WAN 10/100 Ethernet


Height 31mm 12mm 10mm
Width 127mm 42mm 28.5mm
Depth 127mm 25mm 88mm

In the box

Ships with Smart Home Hub
Quick start guide
Power adapter
Ethernet cable
Z-Pi 7
Quick start guide
Z-Stick Gen5+
Quick start guide

Learn more

Learn more

Gen5+ vs 7

1 Such features depend upon the software used with the platform (Z-Pi 7, Z-Stick Gen5, Z-Stick Gen5+, Z-Stick 7).

2 Only available when using the Z-Stick 7 platform.

3 Z-Pi 7 is compatible with Z-Wave LR, however, this feature can only be enabled through the use of software which supports Z-Wave LR.