Your First Smart Apartment

Your First Smart Apartment

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the term papers and the finals, and managed to graduate from college. The world is your oyster (at least that’s what your commencement speaker said). On to being a professional and landing that job you’ve trained for. And what’s the best part of it all? Moving into your own apartment and paying your own bills. Wait, that can’t be right. Independence, we mean, independence.

Along with this independence comes your very own apartment that you get to decorate any way you like. Lucky for you and your limited disposable income, teching out your new place is easy and affordable. The smartest way (no pun intended) to fill your place with technology to make your friends jealous, and make your life easy is to invest in a smart home, or in some cases, smart apartment.

First, think about what you would like to remotely control in your smart apartment. Once you decide, find the right Z-Wave hub (also known as a controller) that will work for you and your budget. Be sure to check for hubs that come with recurring monthly fees, as there are many without these costs.

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After selecting a hub, look at what other smart home devices can work with it. This is pretty easy to find as most hub manufacturers provide a comprehensive list of compatible products. The beauty of selecting a Z-Wave controller is that there are over 1200 products to choose from that can all communicate with one another.

It’s a good idea to start small and add on as you see fit. After deciding on the hub, select some devices you will find useful and that you want to control from your smartphone. There are almost limitless options: door/window sensors, door locks, garage door controllers (if your place has a garage), water leak sensors, cameras, etc. It can seem overwhelming, but without a doubt you’ll find a few devices that are right for you - like door/window sensors to ensure your place is secure or a smart thermostat to reduce energy costs.

One of the many benefits of smart home devices is their mobility. You can easily take them with you from smart apartment to smart apartment until that wonderful day when you buy a home.

These devices will help you start your new life with convenience, security and comfort. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you didn’t leave the heat on since you can’t call mom anymore to ask her to turn it off for you. Your future is wide open; a smart home will make sure your windows aren’t.

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