ZLINK Partners with eZLO to Launch ZLINK Smart Home, USB-powered Hub – The Smallest Smart Home Automation Hub on the Market

ZLINK Partners with eZLO to Launch ZLINK Smart Home, USB-powered Hub – The Smallest Smart Home Automation Hub on the Market

CLIFTON, N.J.– Jan. 3, 2018 –  eZLO, a global innovator and developer of home automation solutions, today announced its partnership with ZLINK to launch “ZLINK Smart Home Hub,” the smallest smart home automation hub on the market. The Wi-Fi, Amazon Alexa and Z-Wave compatible USB plug-in utilizes eZLO’s OEM smart home automation technology.

eZLO is targeting the command and control segment of the fast-growing Global Smart Home Automation Market, estimated at $11.9 billion in 2016 and projected to nearly triple to $32.8 billion in 2022, representing a 16.3 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR), according to a recent report from Statista. Household penetration is estimated at 26.5 percent in 2017 and is expected to hit 53.1 percent by 2022.

eZLO’s smart home automation OEM solution is helping reduce ZLINK’s time to market by providing all the core command and control components necessary to turn any home appliance, security automation, elder care monitoring or energy management HVAC/pool devices into a smart product. The eZLO OEM platform comprises four key elements needed to enable any manufacturer or service provider to create a complete smart home device solution by adding their brand with minimal development and investment:

  • The eZLO Hub/Controller Board supports Wi-Fi, Z-Wave and USB communication standards in a small footprint to fully enable home automation
  • Smart Phone and Web Applications are available on iOS, Android and the web, with lean and intuitive user interfaces to ensure top quality functionality and usability
  • A Secure Cloud Infrastructure, the backbone of any smart home automation strategy, and an essential component to connect everything together
  • Web-based Admin enables you to efficiently manage support tickets, check the status of your devices, launch maintenance checks and fix users’ troubles remotely to maintain your devices after they are sold and activated; backed by the eZLO support center to provide white-labeled expert support to customers

In the currently saturated but lacking world of home automation, there is a plethora of hub options that simply do not meet the bar. Limited functionality and frequencies, poorly engineered applications and difficult setups have limited the growth potential within the home automation market. eZLO has taken the lead in shaking things up by powering the smallest hub available with its world-class command and control platform, providing top-tier home automation access to everyone at a very low price point. Super-affordable at an introductory price of $20, ZLINK Smart Home Hub allows people to easily add voice control for devices like lighting, thermostats and door locks.

For end users, solutions built on the eZLO platform provide the smallest footprint with the maximum range. Unlike other home automation hubs that only support their own equipment, eZLO supports Z-Wave and Wi-Fi -based products, accessing vast collections of the best home control products available. After a simple plug and play installation, users can monitor and control all of their compatible home energy, appliance, security and entertainment devices with ease by using Amazon Alexa, the most developed and stable voice assistant currently available, for iOS and Android mobile devices or the web, all as part of the eZLO system. Other essential features include security for remote access, over-the-air (OTA) updates and smart push notifications.

ZLINK is a startup backed by a proven team that developed many of the home automation industry’s most successful products. For smart home appliance integration, the ZLINK Smart Home Hub is compatible with both Wi-Fi and certified Z-Wave devices, the standard that has the largest, most diverse and most stable ecosystem of products and manufacturers of any home control technology. Future versions will extend the range of technologies supported.

Availability of the ZLINK Smart Home Hub is planned for March 2018, and the smallest smart home automation hub can be preordered now for just $15.

“ZLINK partners with leaders in the IoT industry to bring best-in-class solutions to the market,” said Mark Walters, CEO, ZLINK Products. “We are proud to be working with eZLO as they provide our customers outstanding user experience and value when it comes to mobile and web interfaces.”

Come see eZLO and ZLINK at CES 2018, Booth 41717 in the Z-Wave Alliance Pavilion, at the Sands.

For more information, visit www.ezlo.com.

About eZLO

The eZLO organization is a global innovator of home automation solutions, engineering world-class home automation technology. Building on its proven team of leaders in IoT and security software development, eZLO provides high quality, innovative software engineering that raises the bar in the home automation market. eZLO’s global headquarters is in Clifton, New Jersey, with international offices in the Philippines and Ukraine. For more information, visit www.ezlo.com.

About ZLINK Products

ZLINK Products is a group of IoT professionals, headed by Mark Walters, that have helped launch many of the most popular and successful home control products.  With deep experience in Home Control, Building and Energy Management, and Independent Living, we use our expertise to bring innovative solutions to market, improving people’s lives and conserving precious resources.  For more information, please visit www.zlinkproducts.com.

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