Your Gate Doesn't Rate

Your Gate Doesn't Rate

If there was a white unicorn of Z-Wave Products, no matter what manufacturer, supplier or retail store, it would be the mythical key on both sides, Z-Wave controlled, motor-driven, garden gate deadbolt. It is amazing that this device is coveted by so many of our customers yet it doesn’t exist. I would think that I would have more luck convincing manufacturers that Yeti exists than I would convincing them to build this device. There are 2 separate reasons for their reluctance; reliability and liability.

  1. Our door locks feature a weatherproof exterior design; made to keep out weather and moisture, not transmit cold to the interior, and look good for years. But that’s the OUTSIDE. Inside is a plastic case full of batteries, circuit boards, and various chips, surrounded by a rubber seal that keeps out moisture while the door is open. If left exposed to the elements, the batteries would die, the circuits would rot, and the lock would be returned. (BTW, the remote garden gate deadbolt slightly edges out the garage door opener rigged sideways to open the sliding gate, as crazy ideas that shouldn’t see the light of day. (Don’t ask).

  2. I promised a second reason; America’s favorite pastime (not baseball); liability. Liability is the second reason you don’t see many of these (even if installed correctly indoors). Any lock that inhibits people from escaping in the case of emergency is forbidden by common sense, and by code. Even a weatherproof garden gate would probably be skipped because someone would install it in a house, and hooking it up to house current eliminates its efficiency as a DIY controlled device

Details here from the 2006 International Builders Code:

  • 1008.1.8 Door operations. Except as specifically permitted by this section egress doors shall be readily open able from the egress side without the use of a key or special knowledge or effort. 
  • 1008.1.8.1 Hardware. Door handles, pulls, latches, locks and other operating devices on doors required to be accessible by Chapter 11 shall not require tight grasping, tight pinching or twisting of the wrist to operate. 

So for now, customers will have to be satisfied with door buzzers, weatherproof solenoids and various other means of remotely securing the gate. If you’re looking to turn that signal into a Z-Wave control or signal, there ARE ways to make that happen. 

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