What IR you doing to control your window A/C unit?

A big question for our VERY popular Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch is, 'why can’t I use this for my window A/C unit?'

The first reason has to do with the interface of your A/C unit. Turn the unit on high, let it get cold, then rip our the power cord. (Brutal, I know). Wait a few minutes for the juices to stop flowing, then plug it back in. Did it kick in to where it was before? Yes? Then this switch will work. 


If you like this air conditioner, you won’t continuously cut power to the condenser and compressor, which if done chronically, could fry the unit. The electronics on the front gently let down the compressor; let the condenser cool off before shutting down (or restarting).

There’s a better way.

Most window A/C units come with a small remote control. Remotec has created a bridge from IR (the remote) to Z-Wave (your gateway). It controls your device from a line of sight position, and acts exactly as your dedicated remote control would.

If you do use an appliance switch or timer on your air conditioner, at least include a scene to have it wait a few minutes between cycling on and off; at the very minimum.
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