Use your UP24 band by Jawbone to make your home go to sleep when you do

We love wearables. They’re some of the most useful devices in the “internet of things.” The patterns they help us to uncover allow us to monitor and improve our behavior with concrete data. And they’re beautifully designed devices too—we hardly notice they’re on.

But they’ve never been able to be as useful as they are through Staples Connect. Instead of just using them to track your life, you can use them to control your home. With Staples Connect, you can make your Jawbone’s modes start Activities in your home.

To use your Jawbone UP24 band, you’ll need to authorize and add it to your Staples Connect hub and then create an Activity with it. To add your UP24 band to your system:

  1. Open Device Assistant, then tap Add Device.
  2. In the Manufacturer dropdown, select Jawbone, then tap Find Device.
  3. Find the UP24 band that looks like yours, tap on it, then tap Confirm.
  4. Review and then follow the instructions. When you’re ready to proceed, tap Authorize.
  5. Once you’ve authorized Staples Connect to talk to your Jawbone, tap Add.

Your UP24 band is now in your system. Now it’s time to make it control your devices, which we’ll do by creating an Activity triggered by the UP24 band.


To create this Activity:

  1. Tap Activities.
  2. Tap New Activity, then enter a name for your Activity.
  3. We want the UP24 band to start the Activity. Choose “The Activity will be started by started by one of my devices,” then select your UP24 band.
  4. Next, we’ll make sure that the Activity starts at the right time. Tap the Reason dropdown, then choose “when the UP24 band enters Sleep Mode.”
  5. Now let’s choose the devices you want to control with the Activity. We’ll start with turning off all the lights and turning down the thermostat.
  6. Click Choose, then tell each of the devices what they should do. You can adjust device settings manually or grab the current settings.
  7. We could set up a notification but we know when we’re going to sleep, so tap Skip to move on.
  8. We’re just about done. Review your Activity, then click Finish.

Now you can use your Jawbone UP24 band to control your home when you’re getting ready for bed. Isn’t 21st-century life great?

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