Straight to the Deep End: Vera Edge

Straight to the Deep End: Vera Edge

So in interest of time, I’ll spare any commentary on the Vera 3 which I have been told is outdated. I now have a Vera Edge and some devices; which ones I will explain as we go.

This past week I decided to install a few more switches, a camera, energy reader, thermostat, and a 3-way switch.

I needed to create an account with Vera and had some issues with the password. I had to try several times, but it finally worked. I found a lot of support from Vera, although in the forums it seems like most of the help comes from users - For the sharper readers out there, it looks like micasaverde is an earlier form of the Vera company.

The devices were fairly easy to include in the Vera Network; it’s what I learned before. For the uninitiated, the process includes getting your gateway close to the device you want to control, setting an inclusion mode, and hitting some type of button presses to include it.

So a lot of what I’m learning has to do with electrical basics, as well as the Z-Wave component. I have a good understanding of residential electrical DIY, but I never wrote out thoughts to others, so this will be interesting. Please defer to professional electricians for advice.

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