Staples Connect and small businesses: perfect together

Small business owners, listen up. We know you’re busy and we don’t want to waste your time. (We cut four words from that sentence because of that.) We’ve got some ideas for you that will help your business save money, give you enough peace of mind to take a vacation, and make you more productive.

۬Staples Connect is a home automation system that puts you in charge of the internet-connected devices in your office or home office. You can use Staples Connect to control your lights, thermostats, outlets, blinds, and much more. It’s a powerful way to bring your small business into the twenty-first century but it’s very useful in your home as well. Schedule all the office lights to turn on and off at once. Turn the coffee pot on with the lights. Change the lights to the most comfortable color for working. Let sensors worry about your office’s safety for you. All these things happen when you bring Staples Connect to the office.

There are three main benefits to using Staples Connect at your office.

1. Energy savings

We know that money is tight these days. You’re looking to save money wherever possible.

With Staples Connect, you can monitor and control the electricity and heating at your office from anywhere. You can turn the lights on and off on your smartphone or schedule them to turn off once everyone’s left the office. You can even use motion sensors to turn off lights in the rooms that aren’t being used.

And you don’t have to rewire your office to do this, either. The energy-efficient LG ZigBee LED light bulbs are cost-effective as they sip electricity, slashing your bill dramatically. Simply put one of these bulbs into a regular lamp or light socket, connect it to the Staples Connect hub, and enjoy the benefits.

Thermostats also can be connected to Staples Connect, letting you control the temperature and thermostat mode at any time. Automatically turn up the thermostat before employees arrive and turn it down once everyone has left for the day. No more shivering at your desk.

When it comes to energy savings, Staples Connect has you covered. But the benefits don’t stop there.

2. Peace of mind

If you own a small business, you feel a responsibility for it. If something goes wrong at the office, that affects you even more than the other employees because you feel badly. There’s nothing worse than being uncertain about what’s going on around your office when you’re not there but have no fear. Staples Connect can quiet those fears.

Staples Connect has a wide range of sensors that you can use to keep track of your office. There are door/window and motion sensors that can help you track when someone’s poking around after hours. Then there are water sensors and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors that can alert you if something goes wrong.

But you can take this a step further with connected cameras. Staples Connect features a full range of D-Link cameras, both for inside and out. You can use a D-Link camera with night vision to watch what’s happening inside the office and the rugged security camera to monitor the exterior as well.

Also, you can set up notifications so that you’ll get an alert on your phone whenever any of the sensors notice something around the office. You can rest easy knowing that your office is being carefully watched. You can even take a vacation! The office is in good hands, and you can always pull up a camera feed on your smartphone if you get really concerned.

3. Increased productivity

Productivity is about getting things done. And when you have to get up and walk through two rooms to turn down the thermostat, that’s an extra step to getting things done that you don’t need.

You can access Staples Connect on the web as well as on your phone, and that means you can turn down the thermostat or turn on the lights or unlock the door for deliveries right from your desk. Or you can set up motion sensors to turn on the lights for you so you don’t have to worry about it. All the little things that you’d have to get up and do can now be done from your desk, letting you focus on your work.

People work best where they’re comfortable. Staples Connect is designed make your office just that. Change the color of the lights to reduce eyestrain and put you in the right mood for work. Use an appliance module with a ceramic fan to keep your feet warm—or a regular fan to cool off in the summer. Lower the shades to make sure you’re not blinded by the sunlight.

Staples Connect can reduce costs and ensure that your office is a safe and productive place to work.

You care about your business. So do we. Let us take some of that burden off of you.

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