Staples Connect 1.5 features new devices and upgraded features

We’ve just released a new update to Staples Connect, packed with a lot of new features, devices, and performance improvements. Here are some of the things you can look forward to in Staples Connect 1.5.

Jawbone integration


Control your home from anywhere by pressing a button on your UP24 band by Jawbone. There’s no need to pull out your phone. It’s instant control.

New devices


We’ve added the Fibaro Flood Sensor and the Linear Garage Door Opener to the Device Catalog. The stylish Fibaro Flood Sensor detects temperature, water, and tampering, and the Linear Garage Door Opener lets you open your garage door straight from your phone or an Activity.

Custom push notification actions


You can customize your Activity push notifications so that they open to a specific page in Staples Connect when you tap on them. This means that clicking your “Kids home from school” notification can open the camera near the front door. It’s easy to create convenience for yourself.

Take a Tour


Even if you don’t have a hub, you can still get in on the fun! Try out Staples Connect with the Take a Tour feature on the home screen of the app.

D-Link hub compatibility


The new D-Link hub is hitting stores this fall, and you’ll be able to use the D-Link or Linksys hubs when you update to this version of Staples Connect.

Upgraded educational pages

Want to automate your home but don’t know what to get? Our redesigned educational pages make it easier than ever to discover new useful devices for your home or office. Tap a gray tile to learn more about that category.

We’re on Facebook!

We just launched our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook to stay ahead of the home automation trends, get the latest information about Staples Connect, and learn about the connected home industry.

Stability updates and performance upgrades

We’re always improving the security and performance of the Staples Connect app so everyone can enjoy it more, and we’ve rolled out a number of changes in this version.

There’s a lot more in this update. Download Staples Connect today from the Apple App Store,Google Play Store, or Windows App Store and see for yourself.

As always, stay posted here for the latest news on Staples Connect updates, features, tips, and more. We’re always working on things to share with you and we’ve got some much-requested features coming soon.

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