Mother's Day - Shower Your Mom with Smart Home Tech

Mother's Day - Shower Your Mom with Smart Home Tech

If your mom is like most, she wants to know what is going on in the house when she isn’t there. That’s why smart home technology was literally created for her.

So for Mother’s Day, why not introduce your mom to all the control, convenience and, of course, security that the smart home can provide? Start with a Z-Wave hub/controller, and then add as many devices your mom can use!

Security cameras are a great place to start. These multi-purpose devices aren’t just for intruder alerts anymore. There’s a wide array of cameras that, when positioned inside the home, will send video snapshots of the kids when they arrive home from school or a slumber party via mom’s smartphone. These cameras will also allow her to check in on her beloved pet, ensuring that the little darling isn’t tearing the couch pillows apart. Some even have speakers to allow two-way communication, so she can instruct Fido to drop the pillows from his jaws.

In addition to allowing your mother to keep tabs on home activity, a smart home also comes with the gift of convenience. She can turn the lights on and off with ease from her phone at night when shutting the house down - even after she’s already comfy in her bed. After a rough day at work and tending to everyone else’s needs, she will also be able to set a relaxing mood, dimming the lights to her preference.

An appliance module would be the ultimate in convenience for the woman who brought you into this world. Once the module is enrolled into the smart home hub/controller, it becomes controllable by her smartphone. Plug anything in to it that has an on/off switch, including popular items like coffee makers, crock pots, lamps, and phone chargers.

These are just a few examples of the smart home devices your mother would love to have. Keep in mind, there are many other options including smart locks, garage door controllers, and a plethora of sensors for every need!

The only thing a smart home won’t do for your mom is pour the wine for her. But somehow, we don’t think she’ll mind.

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