Learning How to WINK

Now that I set up my WINK and GeoFence to know when I’m home, my old-style motion sensor is driving me crazy. The motion sensor turns on when it feels like it. I traced the wires in my garage back to a junction box, where I installed a ZFM-80 to control the light. I removed the old motion sensor stalk, and covered the hole with a waterproof device plug. I included the device into the same Robot as my Home Again light (last week) so I’m greeted by a swath of light when I get home late. The Amazon Echo turns them off again with a voice command. 

I would suggest if someone wanted to repeat this task, he or she consider a switch to allow manual operation. I have a special ‘multi’ rocker switch mounted in concrete and have not seen a Z-Wave equivalent. I have the outside light taped to prevent accidental tripping. One day I’m going to have to develop solutions to fit each one of these applications I’m taping! But for now it’s a good way to test various setups.

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