Into the Camera's Why

Into the Camera's Why

My response to a Vera user who wanted to know why all of our cameras were “IP” cameras and not “Z-Wave” cameras:

The Z-Wave protocol is limited in the amount of information that can be sent. The carrying capacity of the Z-Wave radio frequency is very small, but the power requirements are small as well. Since Z-Wave cannot carry large amounts of data, a camera or audio device needs WiFi (or a cabled connection) in order to transmit audio or video, while a controlled home device benefits from the lower power requirements (especially the battery-operated devices) associated with that protocol. 

In essence, we can sell you cameras that will integrate into your Z-wave environment, but there is no such thing as a "Z-Wave" camera. We want to be very clear that a Ethernet or WiFi connection is the route for the camera signal. 

With that being said, any of our cameras will integrate seamlessly with your Z-Wave gateway or hub, and interact with traditional Z-Wave devices, with the exception of hubs that expressly prohibit 3rd party devices (Like WINK and Nexia Bridge).

Also take into consideration if you have adequate permission to install a 3rd  party device to your (national alarm franchise omitted) controller.

I hope this helps.

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