Integrating Philips Hue Control with Vera Plus

Integrating Philips Hue Control with Vera Plus

The Vera Plus has done a lot to have people come back to the brand. While I do have other hubs to 'play' with, the majority of the gateway questions I get concern the Vera Edge or Vera Plus. And while I am still waiting for integration with Amazon Echo, controlling Philips Hue bulbs, floods, and light strips are high on the list from potential (and existing) customers. I don't normally write blogs about other protocols, but this was a popular one so I hope I'll be forgiven.

 Vera Plus bridge with Philips Hue hub.

It has gotten really simple to connect the Vera with the Philips Hue (like this kit available on Amazon)

Add a device from the gateway UI, just like any other.  Select -----> Dimmers and Lights and scroll down to the end to select Philips Hue Lights. Follow the instructions (agree to the terms and allow the plug-in to get installed). You will need to push the Philips Hue button the the hub itself. (You do not select each bulb individually).

Once the hub is installed, you will see the following screen:


Once the hub is installed, you can see all of your Philips Hue devices from the Vera Plus app. They will work with any of your scenes, just like a Z-Wave device, and can be controlled with this simple but effective interface.



I found the integration of the Philips to the Vera Plus very simple. If you have questions about this, or any other, please ask at Ask The Experts or find me at the bottom left hand corner of any page on ZwaveProducts.

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