In-app notifications let you stay on top of your home


Until now, there’s been no good way to monitor the things that go on at your house when you’re not home. You could set up sensors or a camera but those take lots of time to monitor or review. We need a way to be alerted when something happens.

We included email notifications in Staples Connect but if you’re like us, those emails are part of a pile. It’s hard to stay on top of your home with email alerts.

Today, we’re releasing in-app notifications for Staples Connect. You can turn on in-app notifications for any Activity and your Staples Connect system will create a notification for you (using the notification settings on your phone or tablet). If you’re in the app, they’ll pop up on your phone or tablet screen. If you’re not, they’ll stay there for the next time you log in.

In-app notifications can be set up for any Activity and are a great way to monitor what happens around your home. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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