I can't WINK

There have been a lot of questions into our technical support portal regarding the WINK hub. Half the topics ask us about hub features; the other ‘which of our devices would be compatible'.  Since I didn’t have a WINK hub, I went out and picked one up.

As of this writing, I was only able to pair the WINK with my WiFi for brief periods of time. I reached out to their support, which was very prompt, but over simplistic and not comprehensive. No sooner that I got the WINK’s telltale blue light to stay steady, it would be red or yellow when I went to add devices. I admit, I put off adding devices, since the only interface was my smart phone. I spend so much time on the computer answering emails and checking out remote gateways, that it’s tough to leave it be to start something else. Add to the issue that the WiFi failed on the WINK repeatedly and it was just a task I put off for a few days. Why WINK developers didn’t spring for an Ethernet port is beyond me. And a computer interface.

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