Friends of Hue are joining our ecosystem!

We’re excited to announce that the Friends of Hue are joining Staples Connect. The Hue system has a lot of great lights and we’re pleased to be adding the Bloom and LightStrips.

Friends of Hue Bloom
The Friends of Hue Bloom is a great accent light. You can bathe an area in color, choose the color and intensity, adjust it from your phone or tablet, and save energy and money with the LED light.

Philips LightStrips

The Friends of Hue LightStrips have lots of useful applications around the home. They’re flexible two-meter strips with LED lights that can be fixed to any solid surface, perfect for undercabinet lighting, stair lighting, putting under furniture or around the edge of a room, and much more.

One note: you need to have a Hue Bridge installed in order to use either the Bloom or the LightStrips. The Hue Bridge is part of the Hue Starter Kit.

How will you use the Bloom and LightStrips? Let us know in the comments.

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