Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon

I just got my hands on the actual pieces of the Dragon Tech line. The WD-100, WS-100, PD-100, PS-100, and the WA-100. They work nicely with WINK, Vera, and even just a Minimote! I’m looking forward to getting these off my test rig, and installing these in place of the test units I got a few months ago. The plastic feels nice and the LEDs are cool too. The price is great and multi-gang setups are easy. What’s not to love?


Dragon Tech has been discontinued

Unfortunately, Dragon Tech products are no longer available. However, ZWaveProducts has picked up the torch, and now carries the products you have grown to love.

Shop for ZWaveProducts by clicking this Link. Not sure what the difference is? Ask an Expert


Also, please note that in the upcoming months, many of the same products will also be branded as ZLINK.

ZLINK will be bringing to market the high-value, innovative solutions that complement the existing field of Z-Wave products.

Currently ZLINK devices are only available as part of a kit, but as they ramp up Spring 2018, they will have a whole line of products to purchase.

Make a note of www.ZLINKproducts.com

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