Create Activities from anywhere


From the very beginning, Staples Connect has focused on what you could do with all your devices working together. Controlling single devices from anywhere is cool, unifying them into one system is better, but the real power of home automation comes from combining device behaviors. Being able to control multiple devices at once—and to have them change automatically—is what improves our lives.

We’ve always had this available on our iPad and web apps but iPhone and Android apps weren’t able to create Activities. Today, that’s changing.

With today’s update, you can create Activities on any device, no matter where you are. iPhones and Android phones now have the same features as the iPad and web. See something you want to automate? Pull out your phone and create an Activity on the spot. Think of something you want to add to your “Off to Work” Activity? No problem. Open the Activity on your phone, edit the Activity, and add the device to it. All the power of the iPad and web apps are now in your hands. It’s equality for all.

And if you need some ideas for Activities, check out some suggestions in our Activities section.

Get the update from the App Store or Google Play store today.

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