Back to School: Connected locks are one less thing to worry about each morning

In honor of the new school year, we’re running a series about how Staples Connect can solve your back-to-school needs. Today, we’ll see how Staples Connect can help you worry about less things when you’re trying to leave your house in the morning.


Look, it happens to the best of us. No matter how much of an ace planner you are, no matter how many years of experience you have, no matter how much you remind yourself to do it, you will forget to lock the front door at some point in your life. You will remember that you might have forgotten to lock the front door halfway through the work day, when you’re too far from home to do anything but think about it and so you will then think about it the rest of the work day.

At the risk of over-dramatizing small events, this is no way to live. We’ve all forgotten to lock the door on the way out. It happens. But now, instead of stewing on it for the rest of the day, you can do something about it. Thanks to Staples Connect, you can lock your door no matter where you are.

Staples Connect features a number of connected door locks, like the Yale RealLiving Deadbolt shown above. They’re some of our favorite devices, and one reason is because they solve a very important problem. An unlocked door is a huge security hole. And it’s a hole with a clunky fix.

Until now, if you weren’t sure whether you locked the door or not, you’d have to call your neighbor and ask them to go over and check to see if the door was unlocked and, if it was, to lock it back up. This assumes that your neighbor a) is home, b) isn’t doing something important, and c) answers the phone when you call. No disrespect to your neighbors but this isn’t ideal at all. Your backup plan has too many contingencies. It’s like looking at a college football team that went 3-9 a year ago and saying, “Well, if everyone gets better AND stays healthy AND our opponents’ equipment gets lost at the airport, we could go 12-0!”

Fortunately, you have Staples Connect and don’t have to rely on a domino chain of events. Now, when you’re not sure if you locked your door or not, you can open the Staples Connect app on youriPad, iPhone, Android device, Windows Surface, or on the web and see whether or not your door actually is locked. If it’s unlocked, you can lock it right there with a button click.

This isn’t just fixing a problem. It’s giving you peace of mind as well. You’ve already got a lot on your mind to worry about when you leave the house each morning without having to worry about whether you locked your door lock. If you did, that’s great; if not, we’ve got an easy solution for you. No more sweating the small stuff.

And may we suggest taking some of that new peace of mind and put it towards enjoying breakfast a little more? We’ve heard you make a very good omelet…

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