Adding a Z-Wave Lock to Your WINK 2

Adding a Z-Wave Lock to Your WINK 2

Getting Started

Some basics on how to enroll a Yale Real Living Door Lock with your WINK 2, and what features you can expect.

The subject of today’s blog is a YRD240-ZW-619 Satin Nickel Keyless Deadbolt, but any Yale Real Living deadbolt or lever lock will be exactly the same, and most other door locks will be similar.
Some other locks have extra features (please see what can’t I do . . . below).

Click on these links for more information on the Satin Nickel Keyless Deadbolt, or the Oil Rubbed Bronze Keyless Deadbolt.  Click for a WINK 2 Overview.


I like the clean look of the keyless Yale Real Living. I am a little worried that the batteries will die on me in an inopportune moment, but there is a secret trick to supply power to it in a pinch, and I have an alternate door. The odds of both of them having dead batteries at the same time are nil.

I installed the deadbolt, set up my master code, and brought my WINK 2 hub close to the deadbolt, using a 25 foot CAT5 cable and extension cord. Having the WINK 2 close to the deadbolt is key (pun intended) to make sure that the security protocols are established. If you aren’t able to get the hub close to the lock, or don’t have a long CAT5 cable, sync your WINK 2 using it’s built-in WiFi connection and move the WINK around.

To enroll the Yale Real Living into my WINK 2, I selected my hub on the WINK app and chose ADD A PRODUCT/LOCKS/Z-WAVE LOCK/NEXT. When I got to the last menu I entered my master code in the deadbolt, pressed #, then entered 7, then #.


The YRL enrollment menu asks me to press 1 then # to begin enrollment.  I clicked the green button on the WINK app, and at the same time started the enrollment on the lock. Once it was complete, I named the lock.

You may be tempted to bypass the little instructional screen and/or close the app, but don’t. Swipe to the next screen, then click “I got it.”  After that, trigger the door lock to lock or unlock. You’ll notice at the bottom of the screen it says, "Configuring Lock". Wait until that is complete.


I tested the deadbolt action again from the WINK’s temporary location, and after it was successful, I put the hub back in its home next to my router.

I tested the deadbolt again. It worked, albeit a little slower this time. I expect a network rediscovery will speed up the operation. I do have several Z-Wave Plus devices between the hub and the door lock, which are about 25 feet and two rooms apart.

If something happens and you want to exclude the lock and start again, go to the Z-Wave Controls (see more about that in this blog), hit exclude, and follow the steps on the Yale to exclude a controller.

What Can I Do With WINK 2 and a Z-Wave Door Lock?

• From the WINK app, it’s fairly easy to let someone in by swiping the appropriate icon.

• You can also chose to use the WINK app when coming home in lieu of manually punching in your entry code.
Let’s say it’s raining and your hands will be full with items you'll be carrying from the car to the house. You want to entry to be as easy as possible, unlock the door from the car using your smart phone.

Use Z-Wave Locks and WINK 2 to make your home smart

• Use the opening or closing of your door lock (whether from the app or from the door lock touch screen) as “If this Robot Detects Something” in a automation setup. Some examples:

    - When the lock is unlocked, the inside lights go on and the outside lights go off. (It’s always nice to enter a well-lit home)

    - When the lock is unlocked, you get a notification to your email or WINK app. (Great for knowing if the kids made it home safely).

    - When the lock is locked, all the Z-Wave lights and modules in your home shut off, and the thermostat is lowered 5 degrees. (Great for energy savings).

My current example:

I have my smart phone set up with a geofence. When I (more specifically my smart phone) come home, the exterior lights of my home turn on before I even pull in the driveway.

When I unlock my Yale lock, my exterior lights go off automatically. I get a notification on my phone, in case it wasn’t me.

What Can't I Do With WINK 2 and a Z-Wave Door Lock?

Despite the fact that Yale Real Living will allow many PIN codes for various users, the only triggers that are allowed are LOCK or UNLOCK, so that Robot will start if it’s you, your mom, your children, or an employee. If you would like various codes to start different events for different users, consider the Schlage BE469.

To date, you cannot access your PIN codes remotely from WINK 2 and Yale Real Living. That means that you cannot change a code to allow a plumber, a real estate agent, etc. temporary access via a new PIN. This scenario is better served by another controller, like the Vera Edge. The Vera is also a good choice for those who want to monitor employee entry in an office; the Vera can track different entry codes for different users.

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