3, 4, 5 Way Setups

My response to a potential Home Automation user who wanted to replace mechanical old style switches with Z-Wave devices:

I am interested in replacing traditional mechanical light switches in my house with z-wave compatible light switches. In my hallway, I have a light controlled by switches at 3 locations. As I understand it, this setup require a 4-way switch in the middle. Do you have any product that would support this type of setup?

Sure; we have a product from Dragon Tech - this switch can be set up as a master WS-100 then this device (2 in your case) can be used for the 4 way portion of your control WA-100.

Unlike more traditional wiring setups (which can vary based on the house, area of the country, and electrician) Z-wave devices usually require a neutral to exist in the box, since not only are you controlling a light fixture, you are also powering the switch itself.

If you need more information, or need a wiring schematic, please let me know and I can get it to you.


Dragon Tech has been discontinued

Unfortunately, Dragon Tech products are no longer available. However, ZWaveProducts has picked up the torch, and now carries the products you have grown to love.

Shop for ZWaveProducts by clicking this Link. Not sure what the difference is? Ask an Expert


Also, please note that in the upcoming months, many of the same products will also be branded as ZLINK.

ZLINK will be bringing to market the high-value, innovative solutions that complement the existing field of Z-Wave products.

Currently ZLINK devices are only available as part of a kit, but as they ramp up Spring 2018, they will have a whole line of products to purchase.

Make a note of www.ZLINKproducts.com


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