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New To The ToolBox?

We're always updating features to get you a better tool. Before you use the ToolBox, please Update Your ToolBox Firmware.
Brand new widgets and support is coming with our next update, so please get to the latest firmware so you can take advantage of it.

Updating The ToolBox Firmware

Click here to view the instructions for updating the ToolBox firmware As there are several firmware versions available, give us a shout to set you on the right path if something doesn't match the above instructions. Click here to create a support ticket

Improved User Manual Coming Soon

As requested, we've revamped the User Manual to be able to allow you to better understand the connections, and when to use the myriad of tools. 

Diagrams like the one above replace much of the confusing text. The new User's Guide matches the latest firmware update; currently in beta.

Click here to sneak-preview the improved User Manual!

For the best user experience, RIGHT CLICK the link above, Save As to your computer, and open the PDF file with Acrobat Reader in 2 page spreads.

Click here to access the current User's Guide


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We are here to help you!

There are 2 ways to get help with your ToolBox

Would you like to suggest an improvement or want to provide feedback? 

We'd love to hear from you! Give us your feedback and get a Z-Wave ToolBox T-Shirt.  


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Recent Events

CES 2018, Las Vegas, NV We were just at the Z-Wave Pavilion #41717 in the Sands.

We were able to show our latest version of the Z-Wave ToolBox, before we buttoned it up and tested it for release.

So you want to be a Beta Tester?

If you are a current owner of the Z-Wave ToolBox and are anxious to get your hands on the latest version, please send an email to  Please use the same email you used when you purchased the ToolBox. Thanks!


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