Z-Wave AC Motor Control 115VAC - ABMHZ

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Z-Wave AC motor control, packaged in a ""Plug & Play"" Box.

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The ESI ABMHZ Z-Wave AC Motor Control allows for bi-directional RF communications with other Z-Wave products in the market. Allows for total switched load of up to 8 Amps at 115VAC / 4.9 Amps at 230VAC. Motor plug is included.

By utilizing the Z-Wave standard, the ABMHZ is guaranteed interoperability between systems and devices from other Z-Wave enabled products.

In order for scene functionality to operate correctly, the calibration sequence MUST be performed. See the technical documentation for more details.

  • Use only supplied AC power cord.
  • Make sure the total FLA of the motor does not exceed the load carrying capacity of 8FLA.
  • Maximum surrounding air temperature 40?C.
  • The Main Disconnect Shall be Provided by Installer.
  • Use Copper Conductors Rated 75?C OR HIGHER ONLY, 18AWG.
  • Solid-State Devices, UL 991 and therefore not considered suitable for entrapment protection.