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Frequently Asked Questions - Z-Wave Water Valve

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Z-Wave Water Valve

Your home is your most valuable asset, and a Z-Wave water valve can help to preserve its structure over time. Remember: Water damage costs American homeowners billions every year. Much of that damage could be prevented with the application of smart water valves, like the FortresZ Wireless Z-Wave Water Valve, which qualifies its owner for insurance premium discounts and is designed to automatically detect leaks, shut off the water supply in the event of flooding, and send a notification to the homeowner when a problem is detected or maintenance is required.

From the kitchen to the sprinkler system, the bathrooms to the pool, every home runs on water. One compromised pipe could cost thousands in repairs, not to mention the long-term consequences of flood-related health threats, like mold. Z-Wave water valves are an investment, today and down the road.

First, decide what kind of water valve you’ll need. If your home is small or your water needs are minimal, consider a simple, streamlined, and affordable option, like the Xenon Z-Wave Wireless Water and Gas Valve. The Xenon offers straightforward programming and a sturdy exterior. And Fibaro’s Flood Sensor, priced at $59, has a built-in Z-Wave network register, a tilt sensor, a siren, and a light – everything a homeowner needs to prevent a flooded basement, though not, technically, a valve.

A pricier Z-Wave water valve will likely be sturdier and more reliable – perhaps an appropriate choice for a larger home. EcoNet Controls offers a range of Z-Wave water valves, all priced around $150 and featuring easy installation, automatic water shutoff, and smartphone notification whenever a leak is detected. And robust wireless Z-Wave water valves by FortrezZ come with a lifetime guarantee and are crafted of safe, durable materials, including lead-free steel.

Smart homes are those in which devices, like light switches and water valves, as well as systems, like heating and cooling units, are programmed to perform on their own, without the homeowner’s constant input and attention. Smart thermostats, for example, can be programmed to turn on in the evening, when occupants are home, and then turn off during the day, when sunlight shines in. In a smart home, all connected devices “talk” to a centralized “hub,” which then delivers relevant messages to the homeowner herself. In the event of a smart thermostat, for example, the homeowner might be alerted if temperatures drop steeply, or humidity rises. From there, he or she is empowered to regulate the heating and cooling as necessary, without having to make an impromptu trip home.

First, a Z-Wave network needs to be enabled, but this can be accomplished with a minimum of dollars and effort, because the Z-Wave network, though robust and powerful, is also lightweight, accessible, and highly interoperable.

Next, the “hub” (sold separately) is connected to the network, and then smart devices are added one by one – a smart light dimmer here, a smart thermostat there, a smart water valve in the basement. Suddenly, the devices are reporting to the user – when and if they need attention, and only then. Otherwise, once preferences are set, the devices, including the Z-Wave water valve, go to work, monitoring the safety and comfort of the home – so the homeowner doesn’t have to.

As you add devices to your smart home, remember that the more Z-Wave-enabled devices you have, the stronger your Z-Wave network will be. Z-Wave operates on a mesh network, which means that the more devices you have, the shorter the distance each signal has to travel.

Z-Wave water valves do a lot more than just damage control. With a smart Z-Wave water valve, you can adjust the water pressure throughout your home, cutting down on hundreds of thousands of gallons over the course of just a few years. Your Z-Wave water valve can closely monitor your water use, enabling you to implement small changes that will greatly reduce water use over time. Z-Wave water valves help you to take control of your sprinkler system, shutting it off in the event of rain – even if you’re in your office, across town.

Because all Z-Wave devices are created with durability and longevity in mind, you can be sure that your Z-Wave water valve will endure. Z-Wave’s qualification standards value ease of use and simplicity of design, which ensures that all Z-Wave water valves are rugged and sturdy, yet straightforward and intuitive.

As a testament to the lifespan of a Z-Wave water valve, most Z-Wave affiliates, from FortrezZ to Caleffi, offer lifetime guarantees for their products.

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