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Atrim Stick; Z-Wave 800 USB, Long Range, Gen8

Atrim Stick; Z-Wave 800 USB, Long Range, Gen8

Create a local, private, secure & cloud-free Z-Wave controller

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Z-Wave Plus V2
800 series
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Create your own local, private, and secure home automation controller with Z-Wave 800 series. Plug Atrim Stick into a computer such as Raspberry Pi, sync it with free software such as Home Assistant, and it's up and running. You now have your own cloud-free smart home system

Atrim Stick:

  • is a Z-Wave 800 series USB stick. It uses the all new, 800 series standard of Z-Wave Plus v2 and offers the best signal strength and wireless range, security, and fastest networking speed available in any Z-Wave USB stick.
  • is compatible with free, open-source software Home Assistant meaning you can build your own Z-Wave 800 series gateway which runs automatons locally and privately. Together, Home Assistant and Atrim Stick will allow your smart home to be powered by the most capable and powerful system available.
  • allows you to create a locally and privately Z-Wave 800 series gateway / controller which operates without cloud-access requirements.
  • has a wireless range is as great as 1.5 miles thanks to its use of Z-Wave Long Range antenna technology. In standard Z-Wave Plus V2 / 800 series mode, Atrim Stick can directly control Z-Wave products that are up to 492 feet away and relay messages through other devices over 1,400 feet away.
  • is compatible with commercial software such as HomeSeer.


  • Measures 0.85" x 1.89" x 0.35"
  • Firmware upgrades; you can use Atrim Stick to update the firmware of other Z-Wave devices via compatible software
  • Utilizes Z-Wave Plus v2 version 7.17.2 of 800 series, a frequency tuneable version. Please note that firmware upgrades are provided by Silicon Labs who may disable firmware upgrades to particular versions owing to frequency tuning issues with the Z-Wave stack

Installation & Manuals


Atrim Stick is compatible with:
  • Raspberry Pi 3B and greater
  • Home Assistant software
  • Z-Wave plugins including ZwaveJS2MQTT
  • HomeSeer 4 via the Z-Wave plugin

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