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Wall Dimmer Switch; 3 Way, On Off Dim, SmartThings Z-Wave Switch (ZWA037)

Aeotec Wall Dimmer Switch; 3 Way, On Off Dim, SmartThings Z-Wave Switch (ZWA037)

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Z-Wave Plus V2
700 series
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illumino Dimmer Switch, all-in-one upgrade to Nano Dimmer in USA Decora format.
Physical switch enhanced with automation control

  • Multi-function; dim or control with dimable bulbs as a dimmer, adjust the speed of a compatible fan, control other devices through automation as a secondary scene controller.
  • 3 Way-relay, dim or switch up to 5 separate Z-wave switches or dimmer.
  •  Aeotec maintains a list of compatible gateway software at that link - select illumino Dimmer Switch from the list of all products to be taken to the relevant list. Returns of illumino Dimmer Switch to are not possible for issues of system or software compatibility.

illumino Dimmer Switch provides the power to manually control, elegantly dim, and intelligently automate and schedule your lighting.

It makes a light switch a smart light switch. It enhances individual lights or full light-banks with everything from automatic timers to responsive automation. illumino Dimmer Switch does this through its use of Aeotec's Gen7 technology and compatibility with Z-Wave gateways, including Aeotec Smart Home Hub and SmartThings.

Designed to dim. illumino Dimmer Switch can manage up to 500 watts of lighting.

Compatible with the most commonly used bulbs, illumino Dimmer Switch can automate and control a single light or a bank of lights. And it can do so for lights using between 5 watts and 500 watts.

Easy installation.

Powerful lighting doesn't mean complicated wiring - wiring terminals are clearly marked and firmly secured with easy-access to dual-offset Ground, Line, Load, required Neutral, and optional Traveller ports for 3-way+ installations. With an array of tutorials available for everything from single-switch to multi-way installations, illumino Dimmer Switch is simple to wire. In the event that you're not sure which wire goes where, or cannot identify Line from Load, Aeotec's support team can guide you.


Bulb compatability

illumino Dimmer Switch is only compatible with Trailing Edge dimmable LED bulbs, and not compatible with Leading Edge. If a non-compatible bulb is used, the bulb will flicker when dimming up and down.

First, the minimum and maximum power must be within 5W and 150W for the total amount of bulbs used with illumino Dimmer Switch.

Minimum LED Bulb load: 5W
Maximum LED Bulb load: 150W

Hub compatability

A list of which gateways Aeotec products are compatible with is available at that link.

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