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Pairing a Battery Operated Cooper Aspire 9500 with Cooper Aspire Receptacle. NO GATEWAY NEEDED!

Here is a quick video to show how to pair a Cooper Aspire Battery Operated dimmer switch, with a receptacle. We got a question from a client who has bedrooms with no wall switches or center light and wanted to know how to pair these devices without a Nexia Bridge, Zipato, or Vera. This technique uses a Minimote to pair the two without any other Z-Wave gateway or hub. The three devices featured in this video are here:…/battery-operated-z-wave-dimm……/z-wave-duplex-receptacle-110……/z-wave-remot…/z-wave-minimote Please only work with devices properly installed - this device was wired out of the box for this demo ONLY. Please check your local codes about allowing a switch to "remotely" control a receptacle.

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