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ISSUE: Long Time User of the Packet Analyzer

Use of the ToolBox has exploded over the past 3 months, and the feedback from users like you has been tremendous. Thank you for your support!

ISSUE: Some users have revealed that the memory cache of the ToolBox fills up, after which the ToolBox bricks.

CAUSE: The Packet Analyzer runs for a long time, and fills the available memory. The ToolBox Packet Analyzer was meant for short-term recording of Z-Wave traffic and has available memory space for such.

Steps to fix: 

  • Stop the Packet Analyzer, then start it again. Clear any traces that were running.
  • View the saved traces on the Packet Analyzer, and delete any traces that were stored on the ToolBox
  • Contact us and we will setup a remote access session to access your ToolBox and clear the memory. This will return your ToolBox to perfect working order.

What we are doing:

  • The next release of firmware will include a way to save traces to a USB stick or a local computer.
  • The next release of firmware will have a warning that the ToolBox is getting full and will give you an opportunity to save traces before a mandatory delete of the files.
  • Future releases will include better traces support and the opportunity for Z-Wave specialists to read your traces for remote help.

 To reduce/eliminate the problem: 

  • Only use the Packet Analyzer to troubleshoot a specific problem. Don’t plug it in and let the PA run for days.
  • The Packet Analyzer can still retain data while running, even if not connected to a network.
  • Available room on the ToolBox depends on, the number of networks running; the amount of traffic on each, and the amount of time the Packet Analyzer is running.
  • No other tools are affected by this issue.

We apologize if this has caused you any trouble with your troubleshooting. If you have any problems, questions, or just want to chat, please contact us.

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