Sensative Strips Family - Guard, Drip, Comfort Z-Wave Plus Smart Sensors [3 PACK]

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This family pack includes Sensative Strips Comfort, Sensative Strips Guard and Sensative Strips Drip sensors for complete coverage.
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What's in the box? 

1x Sensative Strip Guard

Door/Window and Activity Sensor to secure both perimeters, indoor spaces, and valuables. Strips by Sensative is a revolutionary magnetic sensor designed to monitor and protect windows, doors and other valuables. 

1x Sensative Strip Drip

Water and Freeze detector to alert homeowners if a leak has been detected or freezing temperatures are present. Stay dry with Strips Drip! Strips Drip is ideal for placement anywhere a leak might occur. 

1x Sensative Strip Comfort

Strips Comfort is an ultra-thin temperature and ambient light monitoring sensor. It measures temperature and ambient light (LUX) in any room you place it. Pair with climate control devices such as ceiling fans, thermostats or blinds for the ultimate in occupant comfort.

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Unlike other options on the market, these Sensative Strips Z-Wave Plus do not require any drilling or wiring. Begin by connecting the strips to a Z-Wave gateway. Once they are connected, use the adhesive backing to place the magnets on your doors and windows. Stick the sensors to the frames to complete the mounting. Use these Sensative Z-Wave Plus Strips Invisible Window Sensor products to upgrade your home.

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