Z-Wave Sensor Overview

Z-Wave motion sensors, one component of the automated “smart” home, detect much more than just motion. Today’s Z-Wave sensors recognize everything from humidity to temperature; some models can identify approaching storms and threats of flood. Highly compatible, Z-Wave sensors work in tandem with other Z-Wave devices, from sirens to sprinkler systems, to enhance the workability of any automated home.

When most people hear “sensors,” they think of motion sensors, which detect the entrance of intruders. And these types of sensors are certainly widely available; affordable, practical, and discreet Z-Wave certified censors include the Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor 6, which offers a wide field of vision and boasts easy installation. The FIBARO Motion Sensor is also an appealing, ultra small multi-sensor, which means that it monitors temperature, lights, and movement. Designed with colors you program, the FIBARO visually alerts users to any changes, be they temperature or otherwise. This device learns user patterns, adjusting lights to homeowner preferences.

In searching for the ideal Z-Wave sensor, it makes sense to ask yourself what your family’s needs are. For example, if your main goal is to protect the home against intruders, consider a sensor that only functions as a motion detector. You might, however, consider the perks of a more well-rounded Z-Wave sensor – one which monitors temperature, humidity, and vibrations as well as motion. The appeal of such a device is myriad, but one of the most obvious advantages is that such a sensor will work with other devices throughout the home, strengthening the overall power of the Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave sensors are easy to purchase online, and consumer reviews can be especially helpful in deciding what, exactly, your family will need. Try Z-Wave’s website for comprehensive consumer reviews and spec-comparing opportunities, or browse Amazon for a wide range of reviews, from the technologically savvy to the not-so-adept. You’re bound to find a model for you, whether you live in a climate of extreme variances or simply want a motion sensor your pet won’t activate nightly, like the Z-Wave Motion Detector with Pet Immunity by Ecolink.

Z-Wave Sensor FAQs

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