Z-Wave Plus Overview

Z-Wave Plus is a certification program that designates products which incorporate the newly-introduced “Next-Gen” Z-Wave hardware platform. The platform, also referred to as the 500 Series or 5th Generation Z-Wave, is characterized by its streamlined installation and enhanced functionality. Z-Wave Plus devices boast longer battery lives and broader reach than ever before – at prices that won’t break the bank.

The first Z-Wave products were certified in 2004, and Z-Wave has led the smart home parade ever since. Z-Wave quickly established a name for itself as a leader in lightweight but robust technology, and has always prioritized the customer’s experience, from purchase to installation, programming, and tailoring. With the introduction of Z-Wave Plus in 2014 came a whole new level of smart home capabilities.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of Z-Wave Plus certified products is their guaranteed ease-of-use. Z-Wave Plus is committed to making the entire Z-Wave process, from installation to troubleshooting, a whole lot easier. With a few swipes to your smart phone or device, you can easily install and configure most Z-Wave Plus devices, from motion sensors to smart sockets and much, much more.

Z-Wave Plus also attracts customers because of its high level of interoperability. One of the most frustrating things about today’s technology is the lack of compatibility – a million cords, adapters, and chargers to fill every nook and cranny. Not the case with Z-Wave Plus, because its designers prioritize compatibility across the spectrum. This means that Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus devices can run seamlessly on the same network, reporting to the same controller or hub – and even select non-Z-Wave smart devices will function on the highly interoperable Z-Wave network.

Z-Wave Plus FAQs

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