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Whatever your goals for your smart home – whether you wish to improve security, streamline efficiency, or simply enhance your family’s comfort – you’re bound to find the Z-Wave device perfectly suited for your needs. Z-Wave, a wireless technology that allows every device in your home to “talk” to each other via a centralized hub or controller, is the platform on which all Z-Wave devices run. In a smart home, each connected Z-Wave device speaks to the hub, and then to you, the user, via your smart phone or tablet. So you’re in complete control of every device in your home – even when you’re miles away.

Today, the nature of Z-Wave devices is changing as quickly as technology will allow. With each passing month, new Z-Wave devices are released, from simple wall outlets to state-of-the-art long range routers to alarm security kits. Z-Wave is working with large companies like Apple and Amazon to further extend the reach of Z-Wave devices. Yet Z-Wave devices are also designed to be compatible and scalable, which means that older devices – as well as the very latest – will work together seamlessly in your smart home, without interruption.

When considering the breadth of Z-Wave devices available on the market today, it make sense to compartmentalize. The first Z-Wave device that every new smart home owner must consider purchasing is the controller, or hub. Many Z-Wave devices function as the hub to the smart home, and today’s consumer can find everything from simple to sophisticated. The simple I-Bridge Z-Wave Controller, for example, offers sleek command of indoor and outdoor lighting, dimmers, thermostats, locks, and more – all in one small, easily installed package.

If, on the other hand, you’re searching for something more specific, keep in mind that there’s a Z-Wave device for every occasion – from the Scene Capable Quiet Fan Speed Control, which sets a fan speed as soon as the device comes on, to a range of anti-theft deadbolts and locks – you’re bound to find exactly what your smart home needs. You’ll find Z-Wave devices that address lighting, security, entertainment devices like televisions, and even kitchen appliances. Search Z-Wave’s indexed website for solutions in every size and shape.

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