Z-Wave Home Automation

A Z-Wave automated home - one in which lighting, heating, and electronics are all controlled remotely from one app - enables users to remotely reset their burglar alarms, adjust their air conditioning units, turn on their garage lights, and preheat their ovens. From preventing a break-in to monitoring a toddler’s access to medicine cabinets, a Z-Wave automated home ensures control, security, and ease of use – as well as peace of mind.

The first automated homes – otherwise known as smart homes – were expensive and cumbersome to install, use, and maintain. Today’s systems, however, are streamlined and modular, easily tailored to the preferences of the individual. In fact, Z-Wave’s cutting-edge technology can be found in home automation systems that you can install, maintain, and control yourself – with confidence and ease. Z-Wave home automation systems empower smart homeowners to tailor their automated home to their needs – whether their concern is water and energy savings, ambience, or their child’s safety.

Z-Wave automated home systems are designed so that it’s easy to add new devices – whenever the need arises. Adding a device is easy: just Plug and Play - plug the appliance or device in or turn it on, then connect it to the Z-Wave network via the hub. And it’s just as easy to streamline clutter, deleting devices from the network when their useful lives expire.

And Z-Wave technology doesn’t just pay off when you’re out – Z-Wave’s innovative design also allows you to set “scenes” – combinations of appliances and controls designed to turn on or off simultaneously. So it’s movie night with one touch – sound, screen, lights, and even popcorn!

The data is in: Z-Wave automated homeowners pay less in heating, cooling, and electrical costs. They’re the first to know when a battery is low, a bulb is out, or a leak has sprung. They help the planet by saving energy, and, best of all, they’re guaranteed peace of mind because Z-Wave automated homeowners have their locks, lights, and alarms at their fingertips. Whether your concern is security, energy savings, or cost, a Z-Wave automated home is guaranteed to streamline your routine and enhance your life.

Z-Wave Home Automation FAQs

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