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Smart Home Products

In a smart home, lighting, heating, and electronics are controlled remotely from one central device, or “hub.” Smart home products—“smart” sensors, cameras, batteries, and appliances designed to communicate with the “hub” via a wireless network—enhance the function of a smart home, and run the gamut from hyper-simple to highly complex.

The most common smart home products available on today’s market are related to home monitoring and security: locks, on/off switches and devices, sensors, and lighting accessories. From highly efficient temperature sensors or video cameras to streamlined “blanket” security systems – increasingly priced and designed for the average consumer - there’s no reason not to opt for full protection via smart home products. Yet smart homeowners shouldn’t limit their smart home product searches there; today, smart home products do much more than keep your home safe while you’re away.

Smart home products like leak detectors and water valves, for example, monitor your garden and lawn, alerting you when water is high or fertilizer levels are low. And Fibaro’s Swipe, a gestural control pad that looks like a picture frame, can turn human gestures—swipes, waves, and strokes—into signals that switch lights on and off, raise and lower window shades, and adjust the thermostat. These types of smart home products are lightweight and easy to assemble and program.

Or, shop smart smoke detectors, which do much more than just signal smoke. These smart home products monitor carbon monoxide levels, temperature, and humidity, and can even alert users to natural disasters, like earthquakes and floods. Smart detectors alert users to the nature of the problem, whether it’s a kitchen fire or an approaching storm, a feature this smart home product shares with most of its counterparts: the problem is detected, and the user is immediately informed.

From smart batteries, which come enhanced with Wi-Fi modules, to smell-based smart alarm clocks, which wake the user up with pre-programmed “smells”—chocolate, mint, or fresh bread—the smart home product industry is raring to go. Why not let the latest smart home products enhance your life?

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