Geofencing or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the WINK


So I wanted my lights to be on when I got home. The trouble was, my schedule was so varied that the outside lights always seemed to be on, unless I counted on them to be on.

I tried GEOFENCING with the Vera, but never dove too deep. The first part of the process was to turn on location services on my smartphone, and allow WINK to access it. I created my HOME in the WINK interface (Account/Saved Locations), then input my address. This address becomes an option when you make a Robot. So when I come home, the location services on my phone tells the WINK I’m home, and it turns on my outside light.

When I walk through the door, I tell Alexa to turn off the light, unless I’m leaving it on for someone else (or unloading the car, etc.).

It’s nice adding automation to the automated home, instead of just having a remote control phone for controlling lights.


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