GEOFENCES Make Good Neighbors

Home Automation using GeoFences

I am anxious for my Vera Edge to do something automatic. I admit I don’t have many devices installed, and remote control of lights and remote viewing of cameras are nice, but I want this to work for me. So I found GeoFences! GeoFence can only be set up in the mobile device app (in my case, my iPhone). Go to My Modes, and click on the right arrow. At the bottom choose GeoFencing/Add new geo fence. If you are home, and want to add home as your GeoFence (like I do) select the arrow from the upper right. Select YES, name it (I changed it to 20 m but left “This is my home” as default).

To use what you just did, you need to create a scene. From SCENES, select ADD a scene, then select trigger, select location (new since you created the GeoFence). I chose, whenever the GeoFence is entered (choices are enter/exit), turn on my outside light. You can use this to lock doors, turn on/off lights and other security systems. The sky seems to be the limit. Give me feedback on how this worked for you, or if you have any questions. I will update this feature in a future blog after I tested it more.


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