3, 4, 5 Way Setups

My response to a potential Home Automation user who wanted to replace mechanical old style switches with Z-Wave devices:

I am interested in replacing traditional mechanical light switches in my house with z-wave compatible light switches. In my hallway, I have a light controlled by switches at 3 locations. As I understand it, this setup require a 4-way switch in the middle. Do you have any product that would support this type of setup?

Sure; we have a product from Dragon Tech - this switch can be set up as a master WS-100 then this device (2 in your case) can be used for the 4 way portion of your control WA-100.

Unlike more traditional wiring setups (which can vary based on the house, area of the country, and electrician) Z-wave devices usually require a neutral to exist in the box, since not only are you controlling a light fixture, you are also powering the switch itself.

If you need more information, or need a wiring schematic, please let me know and I can get it to you.


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