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Will your devices work with my existing alarm system/alarm panel?

This question (and it's many variants) keep a fair share of DIY installers awake at night. There are two components of this answer. First, all Z-wave devices are created to be interoperable with any other. By definition from an alliance that certifies Z-Wave devices, all products must conform to a specific set of parameters to perform a basic level of tasks. Therefore, your alarm panel from company A, and our switch from company B, SHOULD work together. Binary switches (On/Off) and Multi-level switches (like dimmers) almost always work together, no matter what the mix up. Sensors for door/window or garage doors usually are the same. Thermostats work in their basic forms. Remotes can be added as secondary controllers and don't care what manufacturers they see. Cameras, since they are not Z-wave, are open to interpretation by the gateway manufacturer, but for the most part there is suitable integration for a generic IP camera to work with a Z-wave User Interface. Locks can be complicated but are universal, but have their own set of requirements for security purposes.

The flip side of the equation is, does your alarm company allow you to add devices (they may call it enrolling, commissioning, including, etc)? It is getting less common, but at one time alarm companies wanted to sell you the service and the devices. When 3rd party devices were available (usually at a discount) some companies put stops on including these. Check your alarm providers website for information on including 3rd party devices. If you are looking to add some switches, LED bulbs, receptacles or a garage door opener control, 90% of the time any device will work. If you are adding thermostats or door locks, please contact us at We always think we've seen it all, but some combinations perplex even us. Consider the recent story of the customer with a name brand gateway who bought our thermostat. She was very happy and the device worked fine. She purchased a remote from us and it too, worked fine. She could control the thermostat from the remote (because we checked it) but had problems when using the remote to control the gateway to control the thermostat. Some scenarios confound even our experts. But that's what they're here for so send us your questions.

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